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Deadly in Path of Exile Legion: Viper Strike Pathfinder Build

The expansion of the Legion has made changes to Path of Exile, the most important of which is an overhaul of melee buildings. It is to make them competitive, which in turn is as cute as those based on spam AOE skills. One of them is the Viper Strike Pathfinder. So get your POE Orbs ready, because it's time to find a way!

Although traditionally a distance…


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WoW Classic Race to World First Level 60

With the release of Classic, Nostalgia took over the players of World of Warcraft. The research will never stop, and now it has become a way for players to try to reach level 60 as soon as possible since 2006.

Many WoW Classic ribbons are now part of the competition, with the winner being the first player in the world to reach level 60 with any character in the game. It is the number one competition in the world because the WoW community likes to call it. In a way, we can say that…


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No, Square Enix hasn't thought of the sequel to Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 producer/director Naoki Yoshida has confirmed that there is no plan to make a sequel to the fans' favorite MMOs soon.

In an interview with the primary story writer Banri Oda, both developers told the German website Spieletipps that since Square Enix is ​​still working on the current game and the team still has content and updated ideas, there is no prospect of a sequel. Besides, perhaps when the player needs…


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The next update to Path of Exile will mix tower defense with fungal alchemy

Although few games have tried, the robbery action RPG and tower defense are two kinds of forced actions that destroy the mouse. But on September 6, Path of Exile is working with Blight, the "Union" expansion of the "Path of Exile" in the next quarter, and the famous free dungeon crawl of Grinding Gear Games. Like all previous leagues, Blight is a free update that brings new…


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Blizzard opens a new WoW Classic server after issuing a "serious queue" warning

Blizzard will open four Classic WoW servers a few hours before the release on Monday, August 26, hoping to ease the "serious queue" expected on the busiest servers.

It will open two new PvP servers, or "domains," and two regular servers: one for each of the Eastern and Pacific time zones. These areas will be open for registration at 10 am Pacific Time, while the WoW Classic will run at 3 pm Pacific Time. "We urge players who are marked as all or high to plan to play in one of the…


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Final Fantasy XIV Devs strives to eliminate barriers between data centers

The World Access System, recently implemented in Final Fantasy XIV, allows players to go to servers in the same data center, but Square Enix's team set its goal on a larger target.

Currently, players from servers in different data centers cannot play together. However, in an interview with Gamescom in Germany, director, and producer Naoki Yoshida said that this might change his future. But pay attention to the same player's…


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Path of Exile Blight Release Date: Tower Defense Comes to POE in New Alliance

Path of Exile Blight's release date is coming, which means another alliance, there will be some sweet Path of Exile Currency and spoils between next month and December. This new POE Alliance inspired by the type of tower defense and involves laying down structures to help you fight: see them as sensational medieval turrets. You will want to destroy the plague that…


Added by Bale on August 21, 2019 at 10:42pm — No Comments

MapleStory - The Last Battle: Black Master Activity!

It finally arrived, and also the last battle from the Dark Sorcerer was for us. If you have already been playing for time or have already been playing MapleStory, you should understand that the Dark Sorcerer is a hugely bad thing inside the Maple world. He is always within the background. However, it is time to create a battle for him. Isn't it time? I'm ready.

The last chapter is the war with the Dark Sorcerer. In this update, the player will receive two new Tenebris areas, battle…


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Final Fantasy XV sells more than 1 million copies on streaming media, ranking second in the series

"Final Fantasy XV" has been released on the PC for nearly a year and a half, and the game has now sold more than one million copies on Steam.

As reported by TwistedVoxel, according to SteamSpy, the total number of Final Fantasy XV users on Steam has now exceeded the million mark. It is the second Final Fantasy game. After Final Fantasy VII, this million sales milestone reached on Steam, and the sales of…


Added by Bale on August 19, 2019 at 7:58pm — No Comments

The official launch of Nexon's latest MMORPG 'MapleStory M' is here

It may have been a long time, but Nexon's MapleStory M has finally arrived. In the past, we received some different versions of MapleStory mobile on Android, but they never wholly overlapped with the original PC version and were subsequently closed. MapleStory M should provide something more familiar to long-term fans.

For beginners, this is a slightly more demanding game, although its appearance is simple and clear. When there was a public test, I spent some time playing it back, and…


Added by Bale on August 18, 2019 at 8:34pm — No Comments

Get the ideal equipment in Path of Exile with the Exalted Orb and Chaos Orb

Last December, Grinding Gear Games released the latest extension of Path of Exile, the new "Atlas Wars" campaign.

Players can enjoy a lot of new content in the expansion. There are a total of 32 new maps to be fought, each plan has a boss belonging to that map, and you must take four challenging older guards before the final boss: the Elder.

With the new expansion, new content needs to be researched, including upgrading standard equipment to more sophisticated items. You can do…


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Free Play Path of Exile PS4 Live Now - Download Size and Free PS+ Content Display

Since December, we have been waiting for the Path of Exile on the PS4. The game announces at the end of 2018, the December release date, but delayed from December to January, and then from January to February, February to March.

After a lot of delays, the game is finally here, which is excellent. I played a little last night, and it was a great free game in addition to the clunky controls. Path of Exile is a sequel to Diablo II that we have never received from Blizzard because it has…


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Invalid Final Fantasy XIV Players get a free six-day trial period

If you are inactive for at least the last 30 days in Final Fantasy XIV, you are eligible for a six-day free trial. It is a time-limited event announced by Square Enix to inspire interest in the latest expansion, Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. This free login event starts today and lasts until August 16. During this period, the Final Fantasy XIV Gil you purchased and obtained can…


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Path of Exile Challenge: Wraeclast Tomorrow and Today

If you haven't played Path of Exile for a long time, now is the best time to get back to the game, especially if you have plans to get POE Currency. POE is in the middle of a vast challenge alliance, and its update is already at the forefront of the next wave.

We have a lot of ideas about Wraeclast tomorrow and already. Let's start with all the upcoming events,…


Added by Bale on August 12, 2019 at 11:08pm — No Comments

How to trade in MapleStory M

The long-running RPG MapleStory created in Korea very quickly used on cellular phones, permitting you to experience the arena of MapleStory the very first time. In MapleStory M, you may play the classic explorer for those who have played classic MapleStory on your PC: Dark Knight, Bow Master, Night Lord, Bishop, and Corsair. Customize your character determined by your heart and contend with friends all over the world. You can even trade projects in MapleStory M and the ways to do…


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Final Fantasy XIV main scene will short, Dev confirmed

Developers have confirmed that the main scenarios of Final Fantasy XIV will become more compact soon.

In the latest producer's letter, it has confirmed that a large number of tasks related to the main scenes of the game will reduce. The team's goal is to introduce these changes in patch 5.3. We are working hard to adjust the main scenarios of A Realm Reborn to make it more compact and for patch 5.3.

For other MMORPGs that have been running for an extended period, stepping into…


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Grinding Gear Games announces ExileCon's Path of Exile

Grinding Gear Games announced that they would host their conferences for fans of the Path of Exile, and the foreseeable name is ExileCon. It will be the first meeting of fans of the Path of Exile and will hold on November 16th and 17th, 2019.

ExileCon will follow the usual standards of previous game-themed routines and promise to celebrate the "path of exile," some of which will be "shocking" announcements and trailers. It may be more free exile road content from tireless developers,…


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How to use Bishop in MapleStory M

When you start the game, MapleStory M has a total of six playable courses: Dark Night, Night Lord, Bow Master, Corsair and Bishop. While all of these classes can cause some severe damage, Bishop can provide the party with some useful treatment and state gains to help reverse the battle. If you are an up-and-coming Bishop looking for guidance, here are some tips to help you through MapleStory M.

As a magic holder, The Bishop tends to use their vast amount of MP when casting spells.…


Added by Bale on August 7, 2019 at 7:50pm — No Comments

Final Fantasy XIV player builds the entire Japanese town inside the house

Square Enix's massively multiplayer role-playing game Final Fantasy XIV has evolved into one of the most popular MMO games in history. It has become so popular that even Spider-Man star Tom Holland has appeared in the recently expanded ad. The fan base of the game approaches the game in different ways, for them, including the purchase of items with Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

It led…


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The creator of Path of Exile is preparing another major update

This increase will release in early September, and all details will announce in the coming weeks. After the last significant increase in the Legion, the developers did not take time off but continued to work on the game that the community reported in the previous entry on the site.

The new update should have a serial quantity of 3.8.0, although its volume will probably be smaller than the prior one. Nevertheless, it promises an incredibly severe change. First, the update will…


Added by Bale on August 5, 2019 at 8:55pm — No Comments

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