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The road to exile: small island, huge difference

If the "path of exile" is only a clone of Diablo III, it will not be welcomed by so many fans. There is no such special player base for this type. What makes the free game gem of Grinding Gear Games not only different from Blizzard's dungeon crawler and hacker and slash action RPG? What is the intrinsic quality of the game that makes gamers prefer it and turn it into your unique and highly loved game, now what is it?

Where does the similarity end?

Considering that comparing with…


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The latest version of the Path of Exile

Dressed to Kill

The road to exile is based on constantly looking for objects. Find, collect, and exchange magic, rare, and precise items with mysterious attributes, then customize your build with the combination of the damage you have.

Cruel competition game

Fight in the PvP tournament and capture the flag on a global scale. Participate in daily leagues and events, mainly for a good time, don't miss the specific event time. As an independent sports world, players can…


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Final Fantasy XIV brings Moonfire Faire this month

August 7th to August 26th

Final Fantasy XIV likes to bring a steady stream of surprises to loyal fans and offers incredible quarterly patches, this patch is full of new content such as dungeons, raids, and other goodies (here, 5.1, will welcome A 24-person raid on the theme of NieR). But between these large deliveries, we also got some interesting little surprises, such as Moonfire Faire, which will return to …


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Exile patch path 1.19 released

The path to Exile's patch 1.19 has been released, yes, it provides some bug fixes and minor visual changes. In addition to the main content updated four times a year, these smaller patches often make up for and improve small specific things. If you have encountered some problems, maybe these patch instructions can help you solve the problem.

The damage caused by the ground effect over some time in the Atziri trio encounter is more visible.

At the time of the activity, the…


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The upcoming army expansion of the exile route will soon enhance melee combat

Grinding Gear Games recently announced the Legion and after that quickly entered the method to exile.

The biggest highlight with the Legion appears to be the much-anticipated melee combat overhaul, that's expected to are the starting wishlist to the game.

Melee civil transformation

We have solved almost all with the core problems inside melee of exile. You may now cancel the attack animation whenever they cause damage. Sports skills could be completed in a quick, and new…


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Giveaway: Get the Phantom class update key in MapleStory M

Android users: We offer some MapleStory M suggestions to update your mobile experience!

We have organized several MapleStory competitions and presented some prizes to the players. Players like it! We've covered almost everything about PC games. Does the filtering system try something for your mobile game?

We have 200 suggestions that can be given to MapleStory M players to enter the new Phantom Class Update. Why do you skip the cloth line and get something without cost…


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Final Fantasy XIV newbie? We asked the two old players about the technology of the new players.

Infatuation with MMO, rebirth

One thing I have learned about games over the past few years is Final Fantasy XIV: it has amazing qualities in many games. It used to be the worst mainline champion in the series, but they have now evolved into what many people think is the best MMO. I always stumbled upon people's love for bingo.

For a long time, I used the monthly subscription fee as a threshold to …


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Albion Online Review - The arrival of the latest sandbox game

In modern times, as MMOs become less and less developed, their unique styles gradually disappear. The genre that used to be a sense of presence and community-style has turned into something centered on a fast reward cycle.

Because of the prevalence of MMOs that are easy and simple to entertain, it is clear that the classic designs that old players once loved are no longer visible. Fortunately, this did not prevent German developers from getting classic inspiration from …


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The next expansion of the road to exile is scheduled for September, and the "older main content" is adjusted.

Following the huge road of exile 3.7.0 - - Updating it like the developer Grinding Gear Games' recent goal is about the next expansion of the free RPG. In the update of the game website, the studio has released some news, and there is a 3.8.0 update in progress.

The update may also add "some of the system changes we've prepared before (this should improve some areas of feedback (non-transactions) that the community provides us) as well as many types of commonly used new…


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MapleStory M: Tips and tricks for beginners

Upgrade your items

Tips and tricks for MapleStory M beginners

Having the most powerful character in MapleStory M doesn't mean that gamers reach the highest level, but that their equipment is powerful. Although you can choose to replace your equipment with extra powerful equipment, you can also invest in upgrading certain items by using forging.

When balancing and upgrading existing items, you can fuse two identical devices or use refined powder. Using forging is one of the…


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Elder Scrolls Online has a big discount during the QuakeCon 2019 promotion

In your website launch, the online studio shows a significant price cut for Elder Scrolls Online, such as the Elsweyr chapter, Crown Packaging, and more during QuakeCon 2019.

You can save Crown Packs on Elder Scrolls Online Gold all platforms, and each Crown Pack has the following price discounts:

21,000 - 40% discount

14,000 - 35% discount

5,500 - 30%…


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That's why the world of Albion online must be much larger after the launch of Free2play.

The entire world of Albion Online needs to expand. Albion Online wants to make sure that after his free release, new players need a good start because they have some difficulties.

How to get started: In the official website news, developers of Albion Online announced that they hope to expand the game world as soon as possible. To this end, the complete three new areas have expanded the entire game world. Mainly because it looks around the official map, the sports world is…


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Path of Exile: synthesis takes place after the best expansion of Grinding Gear Games

Players on the Path of Exile enjoy betrayal - that is, they make betrayal a milestone expansion of online role-playing games. Now Grinding Gear Games is preparing to integrate the contradiction between the next expansion.

In the latest media briefing, general manager and co-founder Chris Wilson broke the limitations of players in the expansion. All of this is the latest expansion of the student's advanced integration, the road to exile. He reiterated that Betrayal is the most…


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How to automatically compete in MapleStory M and its effect

If you want to do other things in the game at the same time, MapleStory M has many automation features. At the beginning of the game, you can use an automatic task function that can run and process tasks to suit your needs without having to do anything except keep the conversation moving.

This makes MapleStory M very open for those who often play mobile games, for young players who are still learning video games, or just want to be lazy. However, for automatic gameplay, you…


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Game Review: Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr (PC)

Let's continue the discussion with the rest of the article yesterday.

Elder Scrolls Online is an online game, so internet connection is a must, and single-player games are very likely, and experience is the core design of the collective game. For a five-year-old MMO, the game still has a huge player base.

It also uses giant server operations, one from North America (appropriate Australasia) and the other from Europe, rather than having players spread across various…


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Sandbox Interactive Announces Albion Online to Be Released

Sandbox Interactive has announced plans to offer a Steam solution for Albion Online.

The German-based independent studio claims that its decision to release Albion Online on Steam is always able to attract new viewers and MMORPG players waiting for your sandbox title to enter the platform.

However, due to the MMORPG game on Steam, Sandbox has not yet announced the release date or release time. The developer did point out that it might be "soon" to …


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Path of Exile developers say that development teams are less likely to tighten, but sometimes they are limited

Chris Wilson, co-founder and lead developer of RPG Path Of Exile, gave a detailed account of the studio's current workload and priorities, including employee health and life balance. He wrote: "Some studios have their team working 14 hours a day to package patches, and each patch also needs to be fixed and improved." "I don't want me to run the company this way."

I can lag "we don't tighten" to become the badge of public relations pride. After reporting Epic Games' poor…


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How to get a treasure box in MapleStory M

The key to continuous improvement and success in the game is that you spend the least amount of money in MapleStory M to earn more MS M Mesos. In particular, although the game resources inside are very rich, players can only get a limited amount. Most players don't want to spend money on anything free, so you should always pay attention to what's free, which can help you save a lot of money.

The equipment in the store is usually a product that you can get for free, so you…


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5 best places to go online for the Elder Scrolls

As a lore lover, of course, one of my favorite game hobbies is to find the places I have read and explored them. The famous lore location, battlefield or important events, even talking to important characters gives me a surprising feeling.

This is a special place in some of the places I found, including my role.

Five locations visited in the ESO

1. Court of Mournhold

Although not all the dark elves have three gods firmly in mind, the court is still an incredible…


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An important addition to the Elder Scrolls online Newbs

One of the things I am most interested in as a refugee to World of Warcraft is that Elder Scrolls Online has additional features. Now, every experienced player will advise you that add-ons are often a necessary part of an effective game. However, in ESO, I am interested in functional add-ons that can help with large-scale deconstruction or more general tasks. With this in mind, let me share the five most important add-ons I think are the most noteworthy of Elder Scrolls Online…


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