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Stackars Pettson Läs online Sven Nordqvist

Ladda ner PDF Läs onlineSven Nordqvists dråpliga berättelse om när Pettson är sur på Findus försöker göra honom glad…See More
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Fabler for børn H.V. Kaalund Læs online ebog

Hent PDF Læs onlineKlassikerstatus opnåede Kaalund med Fabler for Børn (1845). Forbilledet var…See More
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Døgnfluer Hent Knud Esmann pdf

Hent PDF Læs onlineTrykt i 1000 nummererede eksemplarer. Dette er nr. 397…See More
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Xiayumin's Blog (44)

5 best places to go online for the Elder Scrolls

As a lore lover, of course, one of my favorite game hobbies is to find the places I have read and explored them. The famous lore location, battlefield or important events, even talking to important characters gives me a surprising feeling.

This is a special place in some of the places I found, including my role.

Five locations visited in the ESO

1. Court of Mournhold

Although not all the dark elves have three gods firmly in mind, the court is still an incredible…


Added by xiayumin on July 17, 2019 at 7:40pm — No Comments

An important addition to the Elder Scrolls online Newbs

One of the things I am most interested in as a refugee to World of Warcraft is that Elder Scrolls Online has additional features. Now, every experienced player will advise you that add-ons are often a necessary part of an effective game. However, in ESO, I am interested in functional add-ons that can help with large-scale deconstruction or more general tasks. With this in mind, let me share the five most important add-ons I think are the most noteworthy of Elder Scrolls Online…


Added by xiayumin on July 16, 2019 at 8:03pm — No Comments

Easy Guide to the Road to Exile Part 1: Select a Role Class

If you like action RPGs, especially exploring types of games, then take a look at the road to exile. Because here you can change armor and weapons, players can build their characters and even maps can be designed by the player himself. If you have never played or left for a long time, now is a good time for you to give this game a chance. Here are some useful tips for choosing a character in Path of Exile, and then you can get a treasure and skill system guide and decide on a…


Added by xiayumin on July 15, 2019 at 7:27pm — No Comments

Path of Exile: Who, among other people, has 0.31% of the players in the Legion?

The road to exile provides players with the pleasure of using the current Legion Alliance because of the improved melee skills and simple alliance mechanics. Four weeks after the Legion's release, the developer has shown interesting insights into the player's achievements.

More about the Path of Exile: the return of the Legion Challenge

An important aspect of the "Path of Exile" alliance may be related to the difficulty of players entering different level challenges.…


Added by xiayumin on July 14, 2019 at 7:09pm — No Comments

Scalebreaker DLC announced for Elder Scrolls Online

ZeniMax Online Studios released an update package for The Elder Scrolls Online on July 2nd with Update 23.

The new DLC is called Scalebreaker and includes two PvE dungeons, armor and collectibles. The update was specifically targeted at rewards for players, and some complete upgrades were made to the production and trading.

Scalebreaker Dungeon Pack

The Scalebreaker contains two new stories that will take place after the latest chapter of the game, Elsweyr. Moongrave Fane…


Added by xiayumin on July 12, 2019 at 7:45pm — No Comments

Albion Online Review - Create your mark around the world

Albion Online does not provide much content for a story or may provide a standard direction about what to do or which direction to go. Honestly, this is not necessarily what you see in most sandbox RPGs. This can be done no matter what action you want to take. Its design is not limited to players. It wants you to live clearly in its world and become part of its player-driven economy.

Instead of any standard leveling system, you can enter Albion Online by increasing your…


Added by xiayumin on July 11, 2019 at 7:52pm — No Comments

The Path to Exile's biggest improvement in the Legion

Let's continue to say what we didn't finish yesterday.

Other minor modifications to "Gladiator", "Champion" and "Health" can also take effect.

General change

Skill animations are usually canceled from the first 20% of the attack or cast time, or canceled after the effect is valid. If you are unable to cancel the specific skill for a limited time, cancel the former to activate the replacement skill. For the latter, you won't be able to use other skills or moves except for…


Added by xiayumin on July 10, 2019 at 7:19pm — No Comments

Introducing the greatest improvement of Path of Exile in the legion

With each release of the expansion, the road to exile has become larger and larger. The Legion, the Modern Legion, provided wonderful updates for loyal fans and newcomers. From the improvement and balance of melee combat to a new map/regional mechanics, these changes will change the old practice of POE or horizontal grinding.

So needless to say, the changes listed in the Legion are listed below.

Melee fighting

First of all, regarding melee fighting, the Legion changed the…


Added by xiayumin on July 9, 2019 at 7:22pm — No Comments

Now, for "Online Elder Scrolls", cross-game support is not a "road map"

Elder Scrolls Online is currently the most important and successful MMO game in the world. With 13.5 million players, this is a thriving, active community filled with helpful and dedicated players. But despite this, the city is still greatly influenced by the design.

You see, although game companies are moving toward a more open multiplayer gaming infrastructure through cross-games and cross-platform collaboration, Elder Scrolls Online doesn't. At the E3 2019 meeting in Los…


Added by xiayumin on July 8, 2019 at 7:20pm — No Comments

What is the random dungeon of Albion Online?

This dungeon style is a diverse experience for players. Its entrance may appear randomly in various parts of the world and will not be displayed on the map.

If you enter the dungeon, they will mix randomly. The strength of the opponent depends on the opponent's area. In a safe area, the dungeon also needs to work in groups. However, within the external domain, only larger content exists.

The reward depends on the difficulty of the dungeon. According to the developer, it…


Added by xiayumin on July 7, 2019 at 7:39pm — No Comments

Path of Exile Update Version 1.15 Complete Patch Description (PS4, Xbox One)

These are the next ones:

Skill improvement

Before you use all of your Seals, you still can't get animation cancellation skills that are supported by Unleash and have consumed Seals.

If you have an object that repositions your character, such as an object that is completely in the scepter of God.

Fixed a bug that shortened the cooldown of the skill, such as a flicker strike or a vigilant strike, and sometimes it may take more than a few changes over …


Added by xiayumin on July 4, 2019 at 7:37pm — No Comments

Path of Exile update version 1.15 full patch description (PS4, Xbox One)

You can now download the Path of Exile Update 1.15 direction for PS4 and Xbox One. Below is the entire patch description for this update.

Path of Exile is usually a free Diablo clone, originally released to the PC, then into the Xbox One, and from now on to your PS4. So far, this has been a success for developers who have always released new content updates about the game.

The latest version of Exile is 3.7.3, which is a patch that will be implemented on PS4 and Xbox One when…


Added by xiayumin on July 3, 2019 at 6:56pm — No Comments

"Online Elder Scrolls" get rewards because they don't play "The Elder Scrolls: Legends"

While most adventurers try to achieve a better life by helping those in need and killing dangerous beasts. But there is a secret place in Tamriel, full of sneaky, sinister individuals. Of course, I want to talk about the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood in the Elder Scrolls. This is the most representative and popular of all the ancient scrolls.

Earlier this week, Zenimax announced that the celebration of the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood will return to the…


Added by xiayumin on July 2, 2019 at 7:05pm — No Comments

Albion video game director talks about random dungeons coming soon

When Oberon launched Albion Online later this month, it launched a random dungeon that added a mystery to the game and brought a new gaming experience to the players.

In the latest "Dev Talk", game director Robin Henkys cites new features, including how the game features work and what the player needs to Buy Albion Silver know. This time it is made…


Added by xiayumin on July 1, 2019 at 7:20pm — No Comments

The exiled 4.0-megabyte extension path will "bear" the Diablo 4

Grinding Gear Games, which recently entered PlayStation 4, is preparing to use Activision Blizzard. In an interview with PC GamesN, Grinding Gear Games co-founder Chris Wilson had some strong comments in the next "mass expansion" of his company's most widely used free dungeon reptile. No matter what the Diablo 4 eventually becomes, frankly, no matter how high its value, it may be abandoned at any time.

Wilson said: "For us, our version has expanded a few. It will use Diablo 4.…


Added by xiayumin on June 30, 2019 at 7:27pm — No Comments

Path of Exile: Today's synthesis for PC and Xbox One

The first expansion path in exile in 2019 is being prepared for publication today. After that, you will encounter a mysterious character named Canvas to help you relive his memory. After collecting memories, they may be attached to create a custom dungeon experience. Players may find "valuable rewards, new product opportunities, and deadly boss fights."

Integrated Challenge Alliance: With the new mechanism, the Integrated Challenge Alliance is perfect for returning and new…


Added by xiayumin on June 28, 2019 at 7:21pm — No Comments

FIFA 20 Career Mode: When Gamescom reveals a loom, EA will “listen” to your community.

As most fans continue to increase, manufacturers have confirmed that they have discussed their best features.

The career model may be the most popular model for FIFA - speculating that EA has concentrated almost all of its time on the final team and it has been eliminated.

After FIFA 18's shocking interactive transfer negotiations, many fans were almost all replicas of FIFA 19 professional models - regardless of the integration with …


Added by xiayumin on June 27, 2019 at 7:00pm — No Comments

Albion Online expands three new outfields and more

The mid-season Oberon patch was released to Albion Online, bringing three broad new areas to the game, adding game content to the players, bringing more fun to the player and resetting the player account binding. This update includes some minor changes to the feature, such as Siege Camp and the Caerleon Marketplace cluster.

Here are the details of it:

The Albion world has added three major new foreign territories: Siluria (which has the same size and similar valuation as…


Added by xiayumin on June 26, 2019 at 7:44pm — No Comments

Path of Exile, PlayStation 4 Comments

The continent where the Path of Exile appears is Wraeclast, a nice place. The basic legend may be a continuation of the events that took place 300 years after the establishment of the first imperial continent.

As a tourist destination for robbers and thieves, it used to be a wasteful health center for all societies, and they need to survive in this land through their efforts. At the beginning of the game, we will first select one of the six categories (the seventh may be…


Added by xiayumin on June 24, 2019 at 7:53pm — No Comments

Detailed road map for Path of Exile 2019

Shortly after the release of the new extension, Grinding Gear Games provided the direction for the RPG Path of Exile.

The Road to Exile will receive four major updates in 2019 but will follow GGG's familiar content promotion, including challenging leagues, additional features, maintaining excellent and important new course skills, and basic fixes and QoL improvements. Although the update itself was not detailed, the timeline was confirmed:

V3.6.0 - March 2019 v3.7.0 - June 2019…


Added by xiayumin on June 23, 2019 at 7:29pm — No Comments

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