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Paladins brings fantasy to life in a mad world

Paladins are games that compete with charming Champions and fantastic badasses against each other in 5v5 battles with various game modes and special events. The Champion is completely honest, my favorite part of the game, with unlimited personality and awesome design. Take Jenos for example, one of my valuable Supports, which uses the power of cosmos and astronomy to exert its will on the battlefield, or Zhin, a too serious criminal boss who uses fiery swords to burn…


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Ocean Nomad is a new release in the marine survival game series

On Google Play you can find several games that give players the opportunity to compete for life on the high seas, but none of these games offer interesting and rich gameplay like

Ocean Nomad: Raft Survival. What's special about this game? How do you get a lot of resources and game money without spending real money? How and where can I download the game? The answers to these questions and many more will you receive in this article.

Ocean Nomad is a new release in the marine…


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Neverwinter's latest expansion has already arrived on PC

Neverwinter's latest expansion has already arrived on PC, but as always, console players need to wait for another few weeks before they'll be able to venture into the depths of the Undermountain. In what Cryptic Studios promises will be the game's largest expansion ever, Undermountain will introduce a new campaign and a new Expedition feature, as well as making changes to classes, rewards, the companions system, and endgame challenges.

An unknown force beckons the people to the…


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World of Tanks is an excellent product as a free-to-play game

World of Tanks players primarily play in random battles which is 15 v 15 and you randomly are assigned a team through the matchmaker. You have the option of grouping up with two other players if you choose so, but primarily many players play solo. In this game mode you can play a death match/capture/defend the base type mode, an assault/defend mode, and a mode where there is a single flag to capture(which usually just ends in a death match). Overall these three modes are very similar and…


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Dota Auto Chess is becoming the new way to play Dota 2

People have been making weird and wonderful custom Dota 2 games for years. With so much good stuff coming from outside the dota-sphere, that’s easy to forget – but not when a possible bug convinces the internet you’ve got more players than Grand Theft Auto V.That seems have happened with Dota Auto Chess, a custom game where you pit teams of increasingly powerful wizards against seven opponents. Even with that bug in mind, it’s still throbbing with players – popularity made me notice it, but…


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Two new characters will launch over the course of Apex Legends' first season

The start of Apex Legends' first season saw the introduction of a new character, Octane—and one more character will arrive before the season is over, according to Sony's website. Sony's Apex Legends PS4 page says that "two new characters will launch over the course of the season", one of which is Octane. One new weapon will also arrive during the season and launch with a "full set of cosmetics to unlock", Sony said. The season is set to last around 12 weeks.

Yet, the next…


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E-sports team is flocking to Apex Legends

Apex Legends, like so many other battle royale titles before it, fits into a simple premise: airdrop into an environment, procure your weapons on site and fight your way to be the last one standing. Being built for three-person squads rather than just flying solo, Apex Legends does some smart ideas for dropping in and hitting the ground running. One player in each squad will be designated the Jumpmaster that decides on when and where to drop in order their team to their first landing point.…


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Apex Legend as a pure action game is the superior experience

"Apex Legends" — a battle royale from Electronic Arts — has charged into the market and smashed "Fortnite" records for downloads and viewership since its release three weeks ago. Tyler "Ninja" Blevins and other streaming stars have powered that surge, as has the emergence of an 18-year-old "Apex" superstar. Esports teams are already scrambling to sign talented players and invest long-term, while others are raising concerns about overcommitting to the suddenly volatile battle royale…


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Fallout 76 Sold Poorly and That is Sort of a Public Secret

The game launched in November, so the idea that it would go free-to-play seemed like a pretty extravagant admission of failure on Bethesda's part. Given the gaming community's general antipathy toward the title, that rumour got a fair bit of play on social media though while Fallout 76 sales were unimpressive, they weren't quite the disaster that would prompt such a massive change in business strategy.

How the dev room is being accessed isn't known, but it presumably involves…


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Practice your positioning and spin skills in 8 Ball Pool Game

8 Ball Pool let's you shoot some stick with competitors around the world. It is wildly entertaining but can also gobble up a lot of time as you ride out a winning streak or try and redeem yourself after a crushing loss. All of this in the name of earning coins and cash to buy better cues and play at high-stakes tables.

Many video gamers will be hesitant about taking advantage of the 8 Ball Pool Tool, because they do not want to have their account suspended. While we do not…


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There is still a difference between 8 Ball Pool billiards and real billiards

The online 8 Ball Pool game continues until one of the players successfully sinks all of the stripes or solid balls and pots the 8 ball in the pocket that they aimed for. Practice precision aiming and surprise your opponent with exciting new tricks. Start off with a power shot or execute a difficult super spin to send your pool ball to the corner pocket. In your league, just like in the weekly leaderboards, you'll be ranked on your total weekly winnings.

The game also brings a…


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FIFA 19 Limited Edition Jerseys Now on sale

EA Sports’ FIFA 19 is one of the most popular video games on the planet with over 42 million active console players. This makes perfect sense given that soccer is the most popular sport worldwide and FIFA 19 is far and away the best soccer video game on the planet.

The real world of sports gear teamed up with the video game world for a cool new promotion. As of Thursday, there are special jerseys available in the FIFA 19 game. These jerseys celebrate specific teams and fan…


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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey adds first Post-Launch DLC story

Assassin's Creed Odyssey already a massive game got just a tiny bit bigger today. Ubisoft quietly pushed out a free update that added a new questline called "The Show Must Go On." All in all it's a multi-mission story that takes approximately an hour to complete -- and it's pretty decent as far as these things go.

Odyssey's Lost Tales of Greece are a series of missions coming to the game for free at regular intervals. The first titled "The Show Must Go On" will be available to play…


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Mmocs - Your Best Online Friend For Cheap FIFA 19 Coins

cheap fifa 19 ultimate team coins With the exception of databases we the website players come around the most when they would like to understand something about FIFA. CAM: Clint Dempsey had a fantastic season with Seattle scoring 15 goals! He is unfortunately not fast but can score from anywhere and with any foot as he has both 4 star weak foot and skill moves. Adding stats isn going to make them any additional money. But it…


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Wisest Choice To Buy Ghost Recon Credits on Mmocs

GR Credits The many brands bearing the guise of the late prophet Clancy shall intermingle amongst one another. With their intermingling will come so-called "crossover events" which shall usher in the first of the thirteen stages of the apocalypse.While we wait for the other twelves stages of the apocalypse though we may as well enjoy the latest free content in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands. As part of the "Special…


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Leading Website Of Iron Throne Resources Market

Iron Throne Resources Develop your economy and technology when in peace period for the crucial combat in wars. Build and upgrade your infantry buildings to make your troop stronger. Your Lord is much more powerful than normal units just level up his skills talent and gears. Every time you train troops and upgrade their accessories need lots of Iron Throne Wood Food Sliver Stones and Irons. Once you build the…


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Mmocs - Your Best Online Friend For Cheap Madden 19 Coins

cheap madden 19 coins When it comes to Madden this is something that many fans have suggested the studio do for some time and something that they been doing in the mobile world. Madden NFL Mobile released three years ago yet it doesn release new versions but instead just overhauls the current version at the beginning of each new NFL season. According to Wilson the user base for the game has grown but there are challenges…


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Selecting Mmocs To Get Cheaper NBA 2K19 MT

buy nba 2k19 mt coins We simulated the rest of LeBron James career. The season marks a new record for wins in a season bettering the 1996 97 Charlotte Hornets' record of 54 28 with their win against the Minnesota Timberwolves on April 9. It also offers a 100% secure check out with a guaranteed safety for the coins concerning delivery and hassle free usage.. Solid turn based RPG mechanics underlie the entire experience making…


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Mmocs Offer Fast Madden 19 Coins At Affordable Price

cheap madden nfl 19 coins Shares are getting a lift in the past few minutes up 0.9% after the Mario video's reveal. Nintendo also teased but with no images or video the next main Pokemon game in development native to Switch that's still a ways off "over a year". Downloadable content packs for its hit The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are set for release this summer and fall. Now it's just time to pump out the data to…


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