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  • Best Happy Valentines day status

    January 18, 2018 to January 18, 2019Goa

    नमस्ते दोस्तों मै श्वेता परमार Reallifejokes में स्वागत करती हूँ , जैसा कि आप सब जानते हो आज कल सब Valentine Day Quotes in hindi गूगल पर सर्च करते है तो हम आपके लिए Valentine Day Quotes in hindi लाये

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Bitcoin Focus Group Software Does It Works?

Bitcoin Focus Group Software Does Bitcoin Focus Group Works? The nature of the Syrian economic system: Bitcoin Code Although the public sector is the leading and basic sector in the Syrian economy, the existing economic system can be described as a mixed economy system. Apart from the public sector, there is a private sector that operates extensively, and then there is the joint sector, which is divided between the state and the private sector, and there is the cooperative sector which is constantly expanding. Moreover, it is impossible to ignore the fact that the vast majority of the population is Muslim and that those who adhere to their origins avoid riba-based transactions. Credit in the Syrian Arab Republic has special characteristics that differ from that in most countries. Credit between individuals in cities and rural areas is widespread, Owned and directly linked to the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade, an active and efficient sector that performs full and sophisticated banking services. The legislation in force, particularly the Trade Act, regulates relations between dealers and preserves the rights of the State and persons.

Credit Institutions and Agencies in Syria
The credit institutions and its apparatuses in Syria are many and varied. The Commercial Bank of Syria practices all credit transactions related to internal and external trade, and has about forty branches spread in all governorates. The Agricultural Bank meets most of the needs of young and old farmers in accordance with a seasonal and medium-term credit system that includes areas of agricultural production, both vegetative, animal, tree-planting, land reclamation, irrigation and mechanization under easy conditions. The Industrial Bank specialized in industrial lending provides medium- and long-term loans to those wishing to invest in industrial facilities in a convenient and encouraging manner. The Real Estate Bank is responsible for providing medium and long term loans to citizens and cooperative societies in order to buy or build houses with short procedures and low benefits. It provides significant and important services in the areas of housing, construction, construction and tourism. Then there is the People's Credit Bank, which is dedicated to providing loans that meet the needs of low-income and professional and professional sectors.

The student credit bank is mostly limited to lending to university students. The Postal Fund Foundation has extensive activity throughout Syria. In addition, the Syrian Insurance Establishment, the General Organization for Social Insurance and the various funds of the various unions and associations have financial programs related to credit.

The Central Bank of Syria, the issuing bank, is also engaged in full activities, which are the usual tasks of central banks in the rest of the world. The Bank is under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade, which issues the annual foreign exchange plan in light of balance of payments conditions, in line with the five-year plan for economic and social development in force and the annual state budget. The credit policy adopted in the Syrian Arab region, which is part of the monetary policy, is decided by the government in line with the rest of the financial and economic policies, because all the banks in Syria are governmental banks operating under government supervision. Although credit policies and procedures in Syria are relatively well developed compared with many countries in the world, they are not free of some gaps and shortcomings. There are serious concerns being taken seriously to overcome them and to develop the Syrian economy in general.

The first is a fixed amount for a specified period at the disposal of the other who withdraws according to his need or in installments agreed on their size and the dates of their withdrawal within the said contract. The reliance is often associated with material or moral guarantees Provided by the authorized person, and is usually obliged to pay the expenses related to the credit and the bank interest payable on the amount. The assignee shall normally have the right to close the credit if the second party breaches any of the conditions previously agreed upon. As banks conduct current account operations, crediting operations are also conducted.

The banks that receive the deposit amount of money from a natural or legal person and agree to open a deposit account for the funds under the terms of their work have the right to dispose of this money, as long as willing to pay the value of checks issued by the account holder within the existence of the necessary fulfillment In the balance of his account. Banks also act with funds deposited in savings accounts and frozen deposits for the duration of the freeze and return them to their owners at the end of the freeze plus the savings benefits.

The banks that recycle the money they have, whether they originate deposits, savings, working capital, profits or loans, do so by lending them to various economic activities, according to their specialization.

Bonds have multiple types but are generally commercial bonds or public bonds. There are many types of trade bonds. There are bond or float notes and bonds for orders, which are diversified and issued by the commercial sector, financial institutions and banks. Public bonds: They are issued by the state, such as bonds issued by local authorities, official institutions and government bonds to finance development projects and treasury bonds. Bonds also vary according to their time scale. Short-term bonds, a few months to a year, medium-term bonds, five to ten years, and long-term bonds, are more than ten years old. Financial markets have also known open-ended public bonds, which are never depreciated and are still held in perpetual annual payments.

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