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{F.ULL} Gotthard - Defrosted 2 (Live) Album Telecharger Gratuit


Gotthard – Defrosted 2 (Live) Album Download – Preview new songs!

You can download Gotthard – Defrosted 2 (Live)

Artist: Gotthard
Album: Defrosted 2 (Live)
Original Release Date:2018
Quality: 320 kbps

Track Listing:
1. Miss Me (Live, Acoustic 2018)
2. Out on My Own (Live, Acoustic 2018)
3. Bang (Live, Acoustic 2018)
4. Sweet Little Rock ‘N’ Roller (Live, Acoustic 2018)
5. Beautiful (Live, Acoustic 2018)
6. Feel What I Feel (Live, Acoustic 2018)
7. Hush (Live, Acoustic 2018)
8. Remember It’s Me (Live, Acoustic 2018)
9. Stay with Me (Live, Acoustic 2018)
10. Tequila Symphony No. 5 (Live, Acoustic 2018)
11. Mountain Mama (Live, Acoustic 2018)
12. Why (Live, Acoustic 2018)
13. C’est la vie (Live, Acoustic 2018)
14. One Life One Soul (Live, Acoustic 2018)
15. Tell Me (Live, Acoustic 2018)
16. Starlight (Live, Acoustic 2018)
17. Sister Moon (Live, Acoustic 2018)
18. Right On (Live, Acoustic 2018)
19. Lift U Up (Live, Acoustic 2018)
20. Heaven (Live, Acoustic 2018)
21. Anytime, Anywhere (Live, Acoustic 2018)
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