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Fallout 76 Sold Poorly and That is Sort of a Public Secret

The game launched in November, so the idea that it would go free-to-play seemed like a pretty extravagant admission of failure on Bethesda's part. Given the gaming community's general antipathy toward the title, that rumour got a fair bit of play on social media though while Fallout 76 sales were unimpressive, they weren't quite the disaster that would prompt such a massive change in business strategy.

How the dev room is being accessed isn't known, but it presumably involves the use of mods in the video, when the player brings up their map, you can tell at least a couple of mods are in use from the map icons displayed or the editing of game files. There's no cheat console to enter teleportation commands in Fallout 76, naturally, which is the method used to reach the dev rooms in Fallout 4 and Skyrim. All of this could contribute to EB Games pulling Fallout 76 off their shelves entirely, along with any digital copies of the standard edition. The more expensive editions are still up for sale on their website, but standard editions come only in the form of pre-owned games.

This rumour stems from a YouTube video that points to Australian EB Games'limited stock and and hefty sales on Fallout 76, along with anonymous tips that the retailer had been pulling physical copies from shelves. That led into broader speculation about whether the game would go free-to-play, which was in turn picked up widely enough that Bethesda felt the need to respond.Buy Cheap Fallout 76 Caps on with huge discount, fast delivery and 100% safety.

These nuke codes are useful if you are mining for rare resources. The places on the map that are hit by the nukes are the best place to farm for these rare resources and you can also encounter some terrifying monsters after launching a nuke there. You can also use the nukes to wipe out an area of the map and then get a completely different experience there. If you know someone who has a camp set up there, it will be wiped out with the nuke as well. According to Eurogamer, some players have known about this dev room for several weeks.

It also sounds like players have not only managed to get into the dev room but also get back out with some of the unreleased items, such as several power armor paint job plans that may be a part of a future Fallout 76 update. Some have apparently even been trying to trade these unreleased items with other players, though mods in the Market76 subreddit have been banning users attempting to do so.

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