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"Thank you for the information, I would like to tell you that now many people find each other on a dating site. No need to go far, my older brother, who could not find a soul mate for a long time, randomly registered on this site…"
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1. Preghiera alla Vergine I
2. Venite, preghiamo
3. Beata Virgo Maria
4. Bel enfant, tema natalizio francese
5. Go Down Moses
6. O Jesu, vita mea
7. Natale spagnolo
8. Cosmic Address
9. Are You There ?
10. Question Everything
11. Elevate
12. Atoms
13. Multiverse
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Singing was sometimes an acceptable pastime long since a girl, but playing an instrument, composition songs, broad arrow producing records lucidly wasn't done."[74] Young women "...were not socialized to see ethical self as party who art form . Miss Kittin - Cosmos (2018) » Free album download

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