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Positive Affirmations Or Negative Affirmations - You Choose!

One of the very most powerful tools we are able to use to improve our beliefs and our behaviors is the tool referred to as affirmations.

Affirmations are simple, short, strong messages that we send to ourselves, by repeating them out loud or silently. Affirmations can also be written.

There's a good reason why we must master the utilization of affirmations. If you never learn how to choose and use positive affirmations, you will be a victim of the negative affirmations you're already repeating to yourself.

Do you ever catch yourself saying something similar to, "There you go again, being stupid again. Don't you ever learn? Can't you ever do anything right?"

For many individuals, this is a typical affirmation that runs through their head often a day.

In the event that you take a look at this kind of affirmation, you will notice that it is very, very negative. It says to the individual, "You are stupid. You are always wrong, and you can be wrong."

Affirmations could be incredibly powerful, whether they're positive or negative. An affirmation acts like a questionnaire of hypnosis. It tells the listener how exactly to be and how to behave.

Are you able to imagine the effect of such a negative affirmation, repeated dozens as well as a huge selection of times per day, over many years?

When you make your decision to start using positive affirmations, you is likely to be challenging many years of negative affirmations that you've used in the past. You will need to experiment and discover the easiest way that positive affirmations can benefit you. There is of information available about how precisely to utilize positive affirmations, and not every technique is the same. Not every system works well for every single person, as we are all individual.

Still, there are numerous those who claim that positive affirmations don't work for them. They try using positive affirmations for a while, and they get bored, or they give up when they don't really see the outcomes they desire right away. Why do positive affirmations sometimes appear to not work?


Let's get scientific about this. Get out a calculator, or even a pen and paper. Now, take a little time and energy to think how many negative affirmations go during your mind every hour. How often can you catch a simple little thought fleeting through your brain that can be a pay of yourself and your abilities. Does it happen once an hour? Ten times an hour or so? More?

Now multiply that number by the hours you are usually awake throughout the day. Multiply that number by the number of days you've been alive since you had been a child.

The resulting number will give you a difficult notion of exactly how many negative affirmations you have said to yourself during your life time. If you should be like many people, how many negative affirmations is a huge, astounding number, perhaps in the thousands or even the countless 1000s of times.

Do you have an idea now why negative ideas may be so entrenched in your mind, and do you see why doing positive affirmations for a few weeks mightn't be sufficient to turn the tide of your personal negative opinion?

For affirmations to work, you should have to commit to doing them long enough and often enough. That will mean, repeating your positive affirmations countless times a day for a lot of months. You'll need to find a method to phrase your positive affirmations so that your mind can accept them.

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