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Stories As the Kids Go Buy They agonize over price. They're thoughtful, not runescape gold impulsive. They arrive at the mall with information and purpose. They actually care about what their parents would think about those micro shorts. They are teenage girls, and this is how they shop. Mui discussed teen shopping behavior on Monday, June 4 at Noon ET. She was joined by retail expert Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst from the NPD Group, and Donna Hamaker, a spokesperson for Bloomingdale's at Tysons Corner Center and White Flint Mall. Read the transcript

Lately, we've been working on taking down high level bosses. Every week there are at least 4 scheduled boss hunting trips. In PvP, we warband pk, raid (pking trips), and are working up to warring again. Every week there is a skilling competition for a different skill, which breaks the monotony of long training.

You don see things like engy turtling or scout rushing in comp because it simply doesn work against an organised group of players,in casuals or comp. Backcapping/spycapping is still pretty common. You don see all mercs because a lot of them are just flat out weak. Pyros move slower,do less damage and have small range. They very good at protecting medics but you better off with a class than can kill faster. Spies work best as a rare surprise play otherwise the team will be extra wary of them. Engies take too long to setup and move stuff around. Heavies can move/chase.

That information are reliable and accurate is the base for everything else. Of course if would be useful if there were reliable information whether a game is cracked or not. But these do not exist right now. And just making something up is no solution either. So I had no other choice than to take action and remove this questionable information, resp.

They reworked the LoL items. Runic Echoes now restores 25% mana. For support items, Sightstone has been removed, as well as other tiers 3 support items such as Frost Queen's Claim. Also, in what could be very game changing, is how minions react to targeted damaging spells. Before this patch, those minions would ignore targeted spells. Now, they'll ignore it no more. Many skills are affected by this, so take the time to read through that list.

Lag compensation adjusting probably already happened in bo3 anyways as vahn said they got the net code right.Sorry I didn realize this was bo3 as i in /r/bo2Oh dear, another post by someone who doesn know anything about what he talking about. So, just because you FEEL that high ping people get advantage, you want them to be unable to play the game? Now, of course you just a little kid who doesn know anything about the world or it demographics.

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