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Top 100 Sweetest Cute Nicknames for Short Girls

Top 100 Sweetest Cute Nicknames for Short Girls

Cute Nicknames for Short Girls

The shorter, the sharper. Short Girls are considered very sharp and most often people useCute Nicknames for Short Girls to tease them a bit because of their short height as well as to let them know that they are quite sharp as compared to the tall girls.

Short girls are very aggressive but they have a positive approach towards certain things and aspects therefore, you can’t under estimate the worth and abilities of a girl just because she is short. One can tease her by using a different and sweet cute nickname for that short girl.

Let’s cut the crap by coming to the point that all girls are equal, beautiful, and loveable irrespective to their body attributes.

100 Best Cute Nicknames for Short Girls

When it comes to choose Cute Pet Names for the Girls, doesn’t matter whether the girl is short or tall, you just have to pick a nickname just because she is a girl – and girls love it.

Unique Nicknames for Short Girlfriends

If your girlfriend is a bit short in height and you are in a kind of relationship with her that she will not take it to the heart if you are teasing her by calling the girl with a cute nickname for short girl, you must use this trick.

Most if the times, this works because when you will use a fun oriented cute nickname for short girlfriend, it will enhance your bonding and it will surely strengthen your relationship with her.

Shortie: A deliberate way to say her “Short!”

Cutie: A better way to call her cute.

Deep Freezer: The one who can accompany everyone.

Freezer: Because you have to bend down to reach to her.

Kiddo: An ultimate option!

Sweetie: A better way to call her short.

Peanut: Because peanut butter isn’t a bad option at all.

Shrimp: just to say her “single piece!”

Tater Tot: A right one for the smart and nerdy chic.

Tater: An extension of the Tater Tot.

Tot: Because of her short height.

Small Fry: Just to make fun of her short height.

Mini Pack: She’s a complete pack!

Mini bar: Just to let her know that she is small but too hot!

Mini Stick: Any doubt?

Munchkin: A nice name to tease her.

Short Rib: The ultimate truth!

Nugget: Just to convey a message that she is soft and silky.

Hot Rib: Because he has hot body!

Hot Stick: Stay away!

Short Cake: Because she is!

Short Stack: Be careful with this one.

Goober: A smart word for her.

Choco Bar: If she is dark skinned and short.

Gompa Lompa: A replacement of calling her “Tutty Fruity!”

Power Max: A nice one to bring smile on her face.

Full Sized: Just to make her laugh.

Half Pint: A real teasing one.

Champy Legs: Any doubt!

Long Legs: A teasy name to under estimate her strengths.

Pinup Girl: The one responds instantly.

Walking Machine: if she is a rapid walker.

Tarzan Queen: If she’s a fast walker.

Bubbies: An extension of baby!

Cutie: She is.

Cutie Head: Small headed.

Cute Pie: Because she is!

Cherry: Any reservation upon this?

Butter Cup: Isn’t she?

Cookie: No doubt?

Monster Cookie: Just to tease her.

G-Walker: A short form of great walker.

Lady Luck: Because she is luck for you.

Copycat: If she is a great actor.

Bubble Gum: A teasing way to call her “Shortie.”

Dragon Fly: Absolutely true.

Wonder Women: Any doubt?

Firefly: Because she is.

Firecracker: If she’s too talkative.

Nut Meg: Just a funny description of her small legs.

Funny Nicknames for Short Girls

If your girl loves to be lighthearted, using a funny nicknames for your short girl is probably the best way to let her feel different and superior. You can choose a funny yet awesome nickname for short girls from our versatile and handy list of cute nicknames for the short girls.

Leggy: An awkward one for her.

Long Leggy: A teasing one.

Short Steps: A funny nickname.

High Step: Just to tease her.

Booster: If she always encourages you to move forward.

Roller Coaster: If she has no match in speed.

Flying Jet: No doubt!

Power House: If she is your lifeline.

Smart Charlie: If she is smart as well as funny.

Charlie woman: If she always makes you smile.

Shrimpy: Just because she’s small and cute.

Sky rider: A fun oriented nickname.

Sky rocker: A funny way to tease her.

Stage stopper: if she has ability to attract everyone with her smart walk.

Stage stepper: Because there’s no doubt about it.

Stage setter: Because she is!

Camel Lover: Just to tease her.

Rabbit: if she’s fast despite having short legs.

Cute Runner: If her running is adorable.

Lady Kid: It’s a nice way to tease her because of her short height.

Smart Kiddo: Because she is!

Dolly: Just to let her know that you love to play with her body.

Doll Faced: So True!

Princess Peach: Just to compare her with the princess.

Angel Legs: Sure sure.

Magical Legs: Because she has a magic in her legs.

Sexy Talker: No one can deny this.

Pretty Woman: Absolutely.

Barbie Doll: Any doubt?

Barbie: An amazing way to tease for her short height and overly cute face.

Little Bits: Any doubt?

Mini Me: Because she is a mini aspect of your personality.

Micro Me: To let her know that you have no issue of her height.

Tooty: Just to compare her with a toot.

Foxy: If she’s too smart.

Pickle: Because she is sweet and sour just like pickle.

Cookie: Just to show your love.

Cookie Pie: Any doubt?

Honey Bunny: No doubt about it.

Shorto Bun: Because she is short yet attractive.

Honey Bunch: Because she is so sweet and yummy just like bunch of honey.

Nicknames for Short Girls with Meanings

It’s important that you must know what does a cute nickname for short girl means if you are using it for her. It is important because you must have something to share with her if she asks you for the meaning or why you called her with any cute nicknames.

Therefore, we are also sharing a list that is very helpful in this regard.

Kitten: Its meaning is Cat. If her eyes are similar to cat or she looks very smart and sober.

Grandy: It is used for something big. Here, it means a short girl.

Pumpkin: If your girlfriend is a bit bulky.

Honey Bite: No need to explain this one.

My Infant: Because she is small and her looks are quite similar to cute infants.

Baby Doll: Innocent and attractive. For someone who looks very cute.

Sexy walker: This one requires no explanation. We all know, what it means!

Goldie: small piece of gold. Because she is a piece of gold for you.

Camel Girl: A fun creator to say her you are short.

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