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Search engine prominence is vital to every business in the world. Search Engine Optimization can be considered as a core requirement for any business to gain a strong name in the marketplace. Search Engines like Google and Yahoo are most commonly used across the globe. It is a widely used tool to facilitate consumers and clients because as any idea or a query that arises in the minds of the people, they enter a pool of words on Google to gain knowledge on it. Now the job of a search engine optimizer involves connecting the most “searched” pool of words and specific terms together and link them with your relevant company websites, their products and services, to connect the potential searchers instantly towards your website. This in return gives views and a click on the website, which is also plays a key role in marketing collectively. The basic aim of Search Engine Optimization is to get the data on the enhanced customer engagement through conversion rates from the website.

This article is about the wonder that Search Engine Optimization is for the current dynamics of the business environment with the aim of educating the audience regarding SEO and its advanced tools and techniques to gain prominence in the digital world.  International Seo Considerations

Here are some fun facts about SEO:-

Fun fact #1- Top 5 links get maximum user clicks on any search engine in general.

Fun fact #2- Majority of the links clicked by the users are actually organic.

Fun fact #3- Google is the major shareholder of the SEO market in the world.

Fun fact #4- There are backlinks on the Internet that the SEO automatically screens out of the pool to produce organic results.

Fun fact #5- There is a growing emphasis upon blogging to increase market presence on the whole.

Fun fact #6- Searching and Emailing are two most widely used Internet activities around the globe.

Fun fact #7- In Search Engine Optimization, the title of the webpages is vital to driving the maximum traffic to the websites.

Fun fact # 8- It is an opportunity to expand the market appeal to the world of digital marketing.

Fun fact #9- The huge traffic generated through SEO activities is a major source of revenues for companies all around the world.

Fun fact #10- SEO opens a pool of new opportunities for its users at a global scale.

Fun fact # 11- Keywords analysis is major technique that is widely used in SEO activities.

Fun fact #12- The SEO also plays a key role in revamping the web design to enhance its overall appeal to the audience in general.

Fun fact # 14- SEO generates regular reports to keep a track on the traffic of the website.

Fun fact #15- A total of approximately 67,000 searches are conducted through Google per second.

Fun fact #16- As much as 40% of the total audience generated for e-commerce activities are done with the help of SEO.

Fun fact #17- More than 90% of the online experiences initiate with SEO.

Fun fact #18- Majority of the SEO users tend to focus upon the organically generated results and screen out the paid ads.

Fun fact #19- There is rapid shift towards voice search in the field of SEO.

Fun fact #20- By the year 2020, it is predicted that the majority of the search will be conducted through voice over the Internet.

Fun fact #21- SEO has gained more popularity with the rapid usage of smartphones.

Fun fact #22- There is a growing popularity of Google Answer box in the coming times.

Fun fact #23- Search Engine Optimization is still widely used and is considered to be more effective than Social Media Optimization.

Fun fact #24- Marketing is widely done through SEO by majority of the firms worldwide.

Fun fact #25- The content used on Google is considered to be the most reliable for SEO activities.

Fun fact #26- More than 25% of the total searches make use of https to ensure the safety and security of the web searches.

Fun fact #27- The Click through Rate (CTR) is the most significant sign of highest rankings in SEO.

Fun fact #28- SEO activities have derived that around 98% of the total webpages make use of images and other modes of attractive visuals for its audience.

Fun fact # 29- As much time is spent on a website, tends to generate positive rankings for the website eventually.

Fun fact #30- More than 45% of the total searches are generated based upon the locations.

Fun fact #31- Local searches are gaining immense significance in the field of SEO due to the rapid use of smartphones.

Fun fact #32- Mobile devices are playing a rather significant role in driving the traffic of majority of the e-commerce websites.

Fun fact #33- Due to smartphones, it is predicted that in the coming years, the sales will rapidly multiply on e-commerce websites.

Fun fact #34- There are certain terminologies that are growing out of fashion in the field of SEO, like “nearby” and “latest”.

Fun fact #35- Location settings are enabling users to search things that are “near me”. This phrase is relatively more widely used on the Internet.

Fun fact #36- The smartphone use is contributing to the more location specific searches on the search engines.

Fun fact #37- SEO enables websites to create more personalized experiences catering to the individual needs of the online users.

Fun fact #38- Search results also tend to signify more on the individual social patterns collectively.

Fun fact #39- SEO tends to create the strongest links amongst the users and the web content.

Fun fact #40- There are literally business empires that have been built on the basis of SEO.

Fun fact #41- More than 50% of the total search traffic is generated on smartphones

Fun fact #42- Publishing a video on the first page of the website makes it more likely for it to come on the top 5 searches on Google.

Fun fact #43- Google has estimated that the search engine has more than five million terabytes of data stored in its database.

Fun fact #44- Only 0.05% of the total data in the database has been indexed so far.

Fun fact #45- Google has the largest share in search engine optimization.

Fun fact #46- One of the core challenge faced in SEO is that of link building.

Fun fact #47- Keyword search is the second most faced challenge in the SEO.

Fun fact #48- Approximately 18% of the total clicks rank on the first position on Google search.

Fun fact # 49- From a total of billions of total clicks, the share of 10% of the clicks goes to second position on Google searches.

Fun fact #50- In comparison, Bing is another search engine that is gaining a lot of popularity in the current times.

Fun fact #51- Search engine optimization has enhanced sales of several industries, for instance in the year 2017 the smartphones purchase rose by more than 25%.

Fun fact #52- On desktop PCs, the maximum searches are done through search applications than from social applications.

Fun fact #53-Majority of the marketers that adopt SEO activities, in a span of one year they achieve high rankings on the search engines.

Fun fact #54- Each month there are more than 10 billion searches in the U.S. region only.

Fun fact #55- Most of the searches are restricted to products and services purchases.

Fun fact #56- Reviews for products and services are an effective way to attract more traffic of audience towards your website.

Fun fact #57- Correlated social media applications are an on-going trend in the SEO field.

Fun fact #58- SEO contributes a massive amount of audience towards the businesses worldwide.

Fun fact #59-Content plays a key role in attracting the audience towards the websites.

Fun fact #60-Majority of the non-IT businesses tend to outsource their SEO activities.

Fun fact #61-Search engine is still more popular than social media applications.

Fun fact #62- Search engines drive the maximum traffic towards the content websites.

Fun fact #63- The traffic on content website is as much as 300% than the social media applications.

Fun fact #64- Social media has a less amount of search in comparison to the other keywords generated on SERPs.

Fun fact #65- Google is a pioneer of real time search as well.

Fun fact #66- Google dominates the search ads market amongst the other search engines.

Fun fact #67- SEO is a major contributor towards the multiplication of the e-commerce business.

Fun fact #68- Major chunk of the searches are organic and a very small percentage of the results is of the paid ads.

Fun fact #69- Almost 50% of the total searches are done standing at a mart or a shopping mall.

Fun fact #70- 1 out of 3 smartphones around the world are responsible for the searches at a shopping mall in every corner of the world.

Fun fact #71- Consumers rely heavily upon organic results.

Fun fact #72- Majority of the paid ads are screened out.

Fun fact #73- Google is emphasizing upon making websites more mobile friendly.

Fun fact #74- Online searches are the second most popular mode of search on Search Engines.

Fun fact #75- Rank brain algorithm is widely used to record the search engine queries.

Fun fact #76- Desktop PCs have relatively less amount of searches in comparison to mobile searches.

Fun fact #77- Sometimes the massive traffic inflows result in peak frustrations amongst the audiences.

Fun fact #78- Slow browsing on search engines sometimes results in poor engagement with the audiences.

Fun fact #79- Google lifts any brand by as much as 30% in search results.

Fun fact #80- The highest ranked websites also result in increasing the overall speed on the website browsing as well.

Fun fact #81- People tend to prefer longer and more informative content than the limited and shorter contents on websites.

Fun fact #82- Smartphones usage have rapidly expanded the SEO market overall.

Fun fact #83- The top 5 search results tend to get the maximum clicks overall.

Fun fact #84- The webpage speed matters in driving the traffic towards the websites.

Fun fact #85- Blogs is the main driving force to attract more business to SEOs.

Fun fact #86- Majority of the online experiences begin with search engines.

Fun fact #87- Organic results are more attractive to the audience.

Fun fact #88- The first home page of any website enables Google to rank your pages accordingly.

Fun fact #89- Google has a different approach to internal and external links of a website.

Fun fact #90- The ranks are given differently to each, internal and external links.

Fun fact #91- Duplication on web contents cannot get you penalized under any law or order.

Fun fact #92- Mainly not all of the search engines make use of links to do Search Engine Optimization.

Fun fact #93- In the top 10 websites, only 2 consists of content.

Fun fact #94- Object detection within images on the website is a major tool to signal ranking.

Fun fact #95- A single video on the webpage enables it to reach to the first page of the search engines.

Fun fact #96- Google is the most popular search engine in all different parts of the world.

Fun fact #97- Try to keep the minimum page load time to 2 to 3 seconds.

Fun fact #98- Safe browsing is encouraged within all the search engines.

Fun fact #99- A total of 91% of the total searches on Google are generated from the U.S. region.

Fun fact #100- Linking websites is extremely important for the successful implementation of SEO strategy.

Fun fact #101- Mobile usage has tend to give a major boost to the SEO field.

Fun fact #102- Robots.txt files are considered to be sensitive and therefore they need to be placed carefully in the website’s main directory.

Fun fact #103- 70% of the total traffic is mostly organic in nature.

Fun fact #104- Page title needs to be attractive enough to retain the audience on the website for a long period of time.

Fun fact #105- Prior to ranking, Google first crawls through the homepage of the website.

Fun fact #106- Users tend to ignore most of the paid ads on Google.

Fun fact #107- Google has allotted a crawl budget to each of the website.

Fun fact #108- The search box in Google can be controlled too as per the user’s needs.

Fun fact #109- You can also disable the translate option in the Google search bar.

Fun fact #110- The SEO keeps on advancing, therefore the web content needs to be aligned with the current SEO practices.

Fun fact #111- The sitemaps have a separate code that needs to be followed.

Fun fact #112- Currently, blogging is gaining immense popularity amongst the businesses.

Fun fact #113- A total of 131 billion searches are conducted in all the different corners of the world each month.

Fun fact #114- The major market share of the search engines is owned by Google.

Fun fact #115- SEO is not limited to the numbers and the figures derived from the searching data collected.

Fun fact #116- Websites need to take into consideration the relevant content they put up in order to attract the correct audience to their business or services.

Fun fact #117- Keywords play a significant role in driving the massive traffic towards the relevant websites.

Fun fact #118- Travel time is an important metric that is used for ranking at Google.

Fun fact #119- Rich Snippets have little to almost very negligible impact upon the Rankings.

Fun facts #120- Links are not necessarily the only source of ranking on search engines.

Fun fact #121- Home page is most significant in terms of SEO.

Fun fact #122- Web developers need to be more focused upon its layout in order to drive the correct audience towards it.

Fun fact #123- Majority of the searchers do not even consider the results below the top 5 results generated on Google or any other search engine.

Fun fact #124- Each second and each minute, there is a search conducted on the search engine in the different corners of the world.

Fun fact #125- People tend to search every little thing before nowadays before creating a final judgement over it.

Fun fact #126- Online searching has become a source of validation for the current generations.

Fun fact #127- As much as there are valid and genuine websites available online, there are rather fake and invalid sources available to deviate the traffic from the websites as well.

Fun fact #128- Every business tends to get at least 70% of the total organic results in total.

Fun fact #129- Each website encourages safe browsing and safe searches to protect it from any external threats as well.

Fun fact #130- SEO enables the websites to filter out visual aids, images, content and related queries etc.

Fun fact# 131- SEO mainly helps the audience in locating your website or gain knowledge regarding your business.

Fun fact# 132- The top results on the search engine have about 33% chances to get clicked.

Fun fact# 133- 75% of the total audience on the search engines are most likely to avoid the results on the second page.

Fun fact# 134- It is a fact that if some websites are getting better rankings than the rest, it is only due to their continuous SEO efforts to get ahead in the game.

Fun fact# 135- Evidently if a website fails to reach the first page on Google search results it has lost 1/3rd of its chances to reach out to the audience.

Fun fact# 136- Page load time is crucial to its ranking.

Fun fact# 137- Due to long load times, the websites are ending up in abandonment.

Fun fact# 138- The audience is most likely to lose interest in the website if its load time is more than 3 seconds.

Fun fact# 139- A slow website basically negates the traffic to another potential competitor’s website.     

Fun fact# 140- In different locations, the page load speed will be different from the other.

Fun fact# 141-Carefully crafted content will gain the prominence in the eyes of the audiences.

Fun fact# 142- The content is required to be highly relevant when it comes to information sharing.

Fun fact# 143- Google Chrome is the highly used browser for search purposes as it has 45% of the total share of the browsing market.

Fun fact# 144- Google is preferred the most when it comes to SEO activities, in terms of reliability.

Fun fact# 145- Images on the websites need optimization for better rankings.

Fun fact# 146- Large sizes of the images can result in slow loading of the webpages.

Fun fact# 147- Images can also be used for sneaking in keywords.

Fun fact# 148- By optimizing the images, compressing the file size is what matters the most.

Fun fact# 149- The strategic use of keywords also helps in getting more clicks for the website.

Fun fact# 150- Header tags are also important for the content.

Fun fact# 151- Blogging is an effective tool for SEO.

Fun fact# 152- The correct content can drive a large pool of loyal readers to your websites.

Fun fact# 153- Link building is most important for SEO rankings.

Fun fact# 154- Outbound links are most effective.

Fun fact# 155- The data should be linked with valid and genuine sources.

Fun fact# 156- All the hyperlinks used on the webpages must be genuine.

Fun fact# 157- Internal links are also helpful for SEO.

Fun fact# 158- Internal links help in directing audience from other websites.

Fun fact# 159- Using only text makes your website boring.

Fun fact# 160- Adding multimedia elements makes the content more attractive for the audiences.

Fun fact# 161-Multimedia is a better medium for the understanding of the audiences in general.

Fun fact# 162- The time consumption on a video clip can result in the audiences staying online on your webpage for longer time.

Fun fact# 163- The content used on your website needs to be easily understandable by the majority audiences.

Fun fact# 164-Use innovative tools to help you in creating content that is understandable and readable.

Fun fact# 165-Broken links are a source of poor SEO rankings altogether.

Fun fact# 166-Keep a thorough check on your competitors’ websites to align your SEO efforts in accordance with them.

Fun fact# 167-Make your websites more mobile friendly.

Fun fact# 168-Majority of the online searches are generated from smartphones and tablet devices.

Fun fact# 169-Formatting and editing the content on your webpages is the key to gain the audience’s attention.

Fun fact# 170-Contact information is extremely important for SEO purposes.

Fun fact# 171-Valid information will create credibility amongst your audiences.

Fun fact# 172-Wrong data on the websites will result in poor SEO rankings.

Fun fact# 173-Social media platforms play a significant role in the current times therefore the webpages need to be connected to a social media account as well.

Fun fact# 174-Social media links also help in generating more organic clicks.

Fun fact# 175-Social sharing is vital to creating higher SEO rankings.

Fun fact# 176-Using keywords help with the Google Ranking Algorithm.

Fun fact# 177- Using too many keywords will result in adverse effects on SEO ranking.

Fun fact# 178- Long-tail words also help in creating better ranking for the websites.

Fun fact# 179-Headlines and worthy titles help in grabbing the attention of the audiences.

Fun fact# 180-Optimized URLs also help in increasing the rankings of the websites.

Fun fact# 181-Adding two or more key phrases in the URL help in gaining more prominence in SEO rankings.

Fun fact# 182-Optimizing meta descriptions of the websites are also beneficial for SEO rankings.

Fun fact# 183-Meta descriptions need to be descriptive, short and appealing for the audiences.

Fun fact# 184-Meta descriptions are important but not as important as the headings.

Fun fact# 185-A mobile application is also vital to driving new audiences towards the websites.

Fun fact# 186-Mobile applications also enhance the overall SEO rankings.

Fun fact# 187-Google is rapidly indexing the large amounts of data stored online.

Fun fact# 188-Mobile applications are also authorized for rankings on SEO.

Fun fact# 189-Latent semantic indexing is gaining a lot of importance in terms of SEO rankings. LSI (Latent semantic indexing) helps you look for words in addition of the basic keywords.

Fun fact# 190-LSI (Latent semantic indexing) gives a rapid boost on SEO front.

Fun fact# 191- Keywords are not the only way of searching for the correct product or service online. Related phrases also help in expanding on the searching for your relevant products and services.

Fun fact# 192-Coding is necessary for a website but too much coding can also affect the SEO rankings.

Fun fact# 193-The code needs to be as lightweight for the speed of the webpages as possible.

Fun fact# 194- Add Q&A and feedback options on the websites as audiences are attracted to those sites that encourage interactions.

Fun fact# 195-Infographics are a plus for SEO rankings.

Fun fact# 196-Infographics also generate backlinks.

Fun fact# 197-Design and content are vital for managing infographics.

Fun fact# 198-Link building on websites are the key driving force for attracting audiences.

Fun fact# 199-Consulting a PR agency is also beneficial for gaining higher SEO rankings in a short span of time.

Fun fact# 200-Webdevelopers must have a good rapport with the journalists and the people in press to gain a quick reach to the audience.

Fun fact# 201-Interviews are also a great source of link building for the websites.

Fun fact# 202-Google analytics are used in managing the data for SEO.

Fun fact# 203-If links are difficult to find, try to get links from related niches.

Fun fact# 204-Avoid boring niches as it may harm the traffic for the website collectively.

Fun fact# 205-High quality content is the main driving force of attracting audiences to the websites.

Fun fact# 206- The content needs to be fun and creative for the websites to be engrossing.

Fun fact# 207- The niche needs to be interesting as well to keep the SEO ratings high.

Fun fact# 208-Video linking is also gaining immense popularity.

Fun fact# 209-The links need to be diverse in nature.

Fun fact# 210-Blog roll links, homepage links, links from blog posts, directory links, educational links, footer links, etc. are the different kinds of links that are being used for SEO rankings.

Fun fact# 211-Link building techniques also help in enhancing the SEO rankings for the websites.

Fun fact# 212-The more diversified your links are, it helps in driving the maximum traffic towards the webpages.

Fun fact# 213-The mobile applications that are developed must be compliant with the latest mobile phones for adequate SEO rankings.

Fun fact# 214-Google Business is a new source for higher SEO rankings for businesses in all corners of the world.

Fun fact# 215-The businesses put up genuine records on the Google business to gain more visibility on the Google search engine.

Fun fact# 216-Link building opportunities are vast in number when it comes for better SEO ratings.

Fun fact# 217-Content marketing has gained immense popularity that helps in giving rapid boost to the SEO ratings.

Fun fact# 218-Gain more prominence in Google News.

Fun fact# 219-Google provides a wholesome search engine to facilitate the businesses with their web contents. It has quality guidelines that web developers need to consider before designing a website.

Fun fact# 220- Make use of Influencer links online to give a boost to the website clicks.

Fun fact# 221-Web developers need to invest on the layout of the website to enhance the overall web experiences.

Fun fact# 222-Optimize voice search for web links.

Fun fact# 223-Web developers need to focus on cluster of words rather than keywords or phrases.

Fun fact# 224-Going into detail with relevance to the content is sometimes necessary for the website traffic.

Fun fact# 225-Technical optimization also helps in enhancing the SEO ratings online.

Fun fact# 226-Standard sitemap is also vital for SEO rankings.

Fun fact# 227-Google XML Sitemaps is a significant resource for SEO planners.

Fun fact# 228-Need to make sure that Google is crawling through the websites.

Fun fact# 229-Google robotics is also a helpful tool for SEO.

Fun fact# 230-SEO requires a set of goals.

Fun fact# 231-SEO when driven with clearly set goals, helps in achieving better results in the long term.

Fun fact# 232-The best content will attract the most organic results for the website.

Fun fact# 233-SEO needs to make use of Google’s attribution models to keep a track of the customers or the audience driven to the websites.

Fun fact# 234-The web pages need to have easy navigation throughout in order to retain the audience’s attention.

Fun fact# 235-Lower ranking content needs to be removed from the websites to increase the SEO rankings.

Fun fact# 236-Need to stop the bouncing rates on the websites that eventually results in poor SEO rankings.

Fun fact# 237-SEO aims at gaining more clicks than the conversion rates on the customers or the audiences in general.

Fun fact# 238-There is a tremendous need for high quality external links.

Fun fact# 239-If the rankings are suffering then invest on better visuals and multimedia on the websites.

Fun fact# 240- When targeting for high ranks in terms of SEO, the web developers need to keep a track of the direct visitors of the website.

Fun fact# 241-The optimizers need to keep a track on how much a single visitor is spending on the website altogether.

Fun fact# 242- SEO also keeps a track of which page got viewed the most.

Fun fact# 243-Optimizers focus upon reducing the bounce rates on websites.

Fun fact# 244-Total backlinks and referring domains are also closely monitored.

Fun fact# 245-Content length needs to be adequate, not too short not too long for the audience’s interest.

Fun fact# 246-Safe browsing is also critical to the SEO of a website.

Fun fact# 247-Total number of anchors for driving the audience towards the website is also closely monitored.

Fun fact# 248-Keywords density is monitored.

Fun fact# 249-Keywords in Meta description is also valuable.

Fun fact# 250-Keywords in title are most significant for attracting audiences.

Fun fact# 251-Videos on page are greatly responsible for retaining the attention of the audiences on the website.

Fun fact# 252- SEO must focus on abandonment of backlinks to improve SEO ratings.

Fun fact# 253- Bounce rates are higher for blogs than for e-business sites.

Fun fact# 254-SEO must focus upon fixing those pages that are responsible for driving maximum traffic to the sites.

Fun fact# 255-An overload of traffic basically leads to slowing down the website’s speed.

Fun fact# 256-Google analytics helps keeping a track of the web pages that are breaking down and resulting in bounce rates.

Fun fact# 257-SEO needs to fix those pages that have bounce rates and quick exit rates.

Fun fact# 258-Content needs to be regularly updated.

Fun fact# 259-Make sure the webpages do not have any white space.

Fun fact# 260-Mobile optimization is vital for SEO rankings in the current digital era.

Fun fact# 261-Meta tags need to be clear and specific to avoid bounce rates.

Fun fact# 262-Quick testing for website performances will help in driving high traffic to the websites.

Fun fact# 263-Keep a track on the content that is attracting the audience to your websites.

Fun fact# 264-The content that is gaining their attention, web developers need to focus on that.

Fun fact# 265-Position and colours of relevant navigation buttons is also significant.

Fun fact# 266- Mobile conversions are also significant.

Fun fact# 267-Accelerate mobile mark-up will up your game in mobile optimizing.

Fun fact# 268- Responsive web-designs is the key to driving the major audience for your websites.

Fun fact# 269-Compressed images will help in speeding up the website speed overall.

Fun fact# 270-Mobile site needs to blaze up the speed of the website as well.

Fun fact# 271- Remove pop-ups from the website to make the experience user-friendly

Fun fact# 272- High bounce rates are also significant on mobile applications.

Fun fact# 273-There is no way to keep your website limited for the target audience only.

Fun fact# 274-Competitors also may work on driving bogus audiences towards the businesses.

Fun fact# 275- Spam is also very common in SEO.

Fun fact# 276-Getting high rankings too fast may not be that beneficial in the long term.

Fun fact# 277-There are certain web developers that may not abide with playing clean in the business.

Fun fact# 278-They are spam clicks that may get you unfair results for the websites.

Fun fact# 279-Technical optimization is significant for the websites.

Fun fact# 280-Businesses need to have a strong grip over the SEO performance overall.

Fun fact# 281-SEO does not always guarantee fruitful revenues for the business.

Fun fact# 282-SEO rankings can crash at any hour.

Fun fact# 283-Extensive competition has given access to SEO to every single business.

Fun fact# 284-SEO need to target local searchers

Fun fact# 285-Local landing pages and local listings are most significant to the business in general.

Fun fact# 286-Google Rank Brain is a significant tool for SEO.

Fun fact# 287-The SEO needs to incorporate the untapped keywords that will make your website unique.

Fun fact# 288-The old blogs and posts need to be upgraded and updated to keep the web in line with the competition.

Fun fact# 289-The key to effective SEO is to find broken backlinks.

Fun fact# 290-The content needs to be regularly optimized to make it shareable across other multiple platforms.

Fun fact# 291-It is fair to steal some keywords from competitors in the industry.

Fun fact# 292-Add email option to immediately give a boost to your websites.

Fun fact# 293-Embed long keywords.

Fun fact# 294-Publish content within the range of 1000 words.

Fun fact# 295-First link priority rule is the key to driving maximum audience to the website.

Fun fact# 296-Google Search Console is responsible for most targeted researches.

Fun fact# 297-The dwell time of the audience is the key factor that is a reflection of how much audience your website is attracting. Google China Search Engine

Fun fact# 298-Video SEO is the new thing on the digital marketing front.

Fun fact# 299-The untapped keywords are the goldmine for SEO.

Fun fact# 300-SEO needs to focus its main aim at getting no.1 position on the search engines.

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