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5 Investigative Processes to Follow to Be Your Own Detective

Detectives Sloan and Falimoso had just arrived at the 19th squad Detective bureau about 10:00 AM. The two streetwise and knowledgeable detectives had been hot on the trail of Tyrone "Kilo" Clay, one of the district's most notorious dope dealers. It appears that "kilo" never dealt in anything under an ounce of cocaine, and had bragged recently to a 19th squad "associate" Count Wilson that his ounces came off kilos of coke that he found in Tampa and body packed back once again to his stash house on Countryside Street.
"Kilo" would then breakdown the item to at least one ounce quantities, after he had cut the coke with calcium carbonate. "Kilo" would obtain the blocks of cut and then stretch a set of panty hose and rub the block of the cut back and forth throughout the panty hose. The resultant powder appeared to be pure cocaine powder. Basically this gave "kilo" somewhere in the vicinity of four kilos rather than one.
"Kilo" then sold or fronted one ounce quantizes of the merchandise to his partners who'd distribute the devil's urine after it have been cooked on to the scourge of American cities..Crack.
The Count, as Sloan and Falimoso referred for their "associate," tried to get hold of them last night but these were "out of pocket," assisting the districts CAT or Criminal Apprehension Team track down a vile and vicious criminal who was wanted for several assaults on older ladies as they were looking forward to the bus. These attacks usually took place in early morning hours when many victims were on their solution to a healthcare facility area to labor as nurse's aids, dietary or environmental services.
Nearly all the victims were older and when interviewed by the "hot dog" Detectives stated that they would be unable to identify their attacker. This presented a dual problem to both renound Detectives and, as usual, Falimoso had a plan. They would contact their faithful and loyal "associate", the Count, to see if he had any info that could be useful to the Detectives. Once that was done Falimoso would attempt a reverse line-up...more on that in another installment of the Detective Sloan and Falimoso saga. The two Detectives wanted to obtain this desperado before he really hurt among the older victims. Until now the victims had only sustained scrapes and bruises nonetheless it was only a matter of time before someone would be seriously injured.
The Count came through. He said that the slimey dog doing most of the purse snatchings was a not-very-well-liked street dog who went by the name of "Grabber." The reason why no-one liked him is really because he had your body aroma of a bear in the zoo. Count stated that this person really stunk!! The Count also stated that "Grabber" was a stone cold dope fiend and secured his crack from the dope house on Linton Street. Sloan and Falimoso were familiar with the dope house and were especially concerned since the occupant of the home was a lady crack head and dealer who cooked down the ounces of stepped on coke she got from "kilo" Clay. Additionally, both Detectives would see small kids playing, unsupervised, in front of the dope house whilst their mother will be plying her trade. Sloan and Falimoso had called Family Services to report the unattended kids playing in the busy and crime ridden street. Family Services added this notification for their long listing of at an increased risk children.
Sloan and Falimoso were on their method to "kilos" stash house when the require a house fire crackled over law enforcement radio in their battered Dodge Detective car. Sloan and Falimoso viewed one another as they instantly recognized the address on Linton Street while the dope house where the tiny children lived.
Sloan, the driver immediately hit the lights and siren, hung a U-turn and headed to the Linton Street address. While they approached the location the Detectives could see a thick, black plume of smoke coming from the area.
Once they reached the burning house Sloan threw the battered Dodge in to a sliding stop, rapidly alighted from the slowly moving vehicle and ran to the leading door of the residence, flying past two kids who have been standing on the sidewalk. Detective Ian Sloan knew there is a next child, and he did not see him on the sidewalk. Sloan and Falimoso approach the leading door of the house and used their jackets to cover their faces. They then tried to enter the inferno and were driven out by the superheated air and smoke. A firefighter, with the right gear entered the building and soon emerged with a baby in his arms. The small child was limp in the fireman's arms and was rushed to a waiting life support ambulance. The little one was tilted back, his small and dainty arms and legs hung limp. The little one was whisked away to Saint Mary's hospital where Sloan and Falimoso later learned he was dead on arrival.
This bothered both hardened Detectives, it bothered them a lot.
The CAT team had apprehended "Kilo" Clay and "grabber" have been placed on a seventy-two hour hold. The Detectives just couldn't do anything else. They both went 10-7 and headed for Paddy's Pig for a few brews. The 2 Detectives didn't say much to each other or even to the other cops and Detectives who came in after duty hours. Sloan and Falimoso left early, the mood at Paddy's was somber.
Both Detectives went home, watched TV and begun to play "what if." Both Sloan and Falimoso didn't get much sleep that night, every time they closed their eyes they saw the small and vulnerable toddler being brought from the burning house.
Tomorrow is a later date and the 2 hard charging Detectives would deal with the 2 slime balls that the CAT team had apprehended, "kilo" Clay and "grabber." Both Detectives wanted to return to work and immerse themselves inside their cases, anything to obtain their mind off yesterday's doom and gloom.

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