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treatment that you apply on dry hair and once you add water it turns into your shampoo it conditions like no other conditioner on the planet detangles and add shine if you're wondering who's it for anybody with hair it does not add weight to the hair it goes into the hair it adds volume it adds tenacity to the hair shine and strength like you've never seen the oil this is your once a week overnight treatment you apply on your dry hair a teaspoon everything super concentrated no water no silicones no preservatives this is wild crafted at its best you sleep with it wake up the next morning you wash it out with the cleansing treatment a 95.4% reduction of breakage instantly you have a massive supply use it on your face use it on your body dry skin dry hair you can use it as a leave-in as well so many uses and we'll go through it with our models but it doesn't matter what product you start with you'll see instant and I mean instant results first time minutes get away 30 days I mean I'm telling you I've never had so I mean the health of my hair the strength of my hair the tenacity meaning like you have less breakage so we would love if you use our repair and restore we would love to hear from you if you use it - taillow 1-866 376 8255 we are also simulcasting live on HSN facebook and robin wall on HSN we'd love for you to stop by all the girls are already saying I'm getting auto-ship Missy's there Nancy hi Nancy we were talking earlier l and then carol says of course  Hair Revital X i get it on auto-ship because she never wants to run out of the product especially the supersize look that supersize we only do it one time of year and we did it once before for you a small amount yeah sold out a minute every single time this is why look at Dana there is nothing else in her hair and think of it there is no styling products we use the oil 20 minutes on dry hair a teaspoon let it absorb into the hair and scalp any scalp issue any hair issue here in the brush here in the drain at this will eliminate it'll help you instantly then we washed it out with the cleansing treatment you reapply that treatment on dry hair you wait five minutes is after you put the oil you go into the shower you add water you add 1/2 TSP work that into a froth we're even gonna do a live demo and a bit to show you what to expect yes and you rinse it out and it will give you and I know it sounds crazy that's something that's so rich like I can't get it out of the jar so thick do you remember me telling you like when I met you for the first time here at HSN and of course I remember you from the ocean days but I said to you Dennis I have really thin fine hair I have a lot of hair and I was like this is gonna weigh it down I don't know about not shampooing and sudsing up and you're like no Robin try it and I'm gonna believe her ever say well not it goes into your hair 22 years look I put the best in here detail Osito I went to a high elevation in Nepal this ingredient gets hit with radiation from the Sun it survives drought kind of what my mom was going to go through and that was my common sense just can I put that into a product deliver it into the hair not on to but into the hair to lock that in and you can see the shine is tremendous and we can do that with natural ingredients ingredients that don't build up on the hair.

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