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Health Insurance For Folks With Pre-Existing Conditions

If you have a pre-existing condition finding medical insurance could be difficult. Many insurance companies deny health coverage to anyone who has had a significant medical condition in or comes with an existing medical condition. So how will you get health coverage in Chicago when you have a medical problem? Let's discuss the options one by one.

This can be the most effective option for getting an health benefits if you have a pre-existing condition. Group plans must accept everyone in the group for coverage, regardless of medical history. Many times group health Insurance premiums are subsidized by the employer, making the premiums more affordable. If you are leaving a business you might qualify for COBRA that may extend your health benefits for 18 months. COBRA premiums could be too costly, especially if you are unemployed, because the organization doesn't continue to pay a part of the premium. If you lose your job in 2009 the us government can pay 65% of your COBRA premium for 9 months. This can make COBRA premiums affordable, however after nine months the government subsidy ends and you've to pay the entire premium.

It's been my feel the Illinois medical health insurance companies are far more prepared to except applicants with certain pre-existing medical conditions if the plan being requested has a higher deductible. You're better off applying for a $5,000 deductible Health Savings Account plan than applying for a $500 deductible copay plan when you yourself have medical conditions. This tactic has helped some folks with medical conditions get health coverage. However, when you yourself have high risk medical condition like HIV, Diabetes, or even a major heart condition you won't be accepted for major medical insurance, even on a top deductible plan.";}" data-sheets-userformat="{"2":14849,"3":{"1":0},"12":0,"14":[null,2,0],"15":"Arial","16":11}">

There are a number of companies selling medical health insurance in Chicago which can be guaranteed issued. This implies they accept all applicants irrespective of medical history. Limited benefit health plans aren't major medical insurance, but defined benefit plans that provide less comprehensive coverage. When an employer group plan is unavailable these health plans can provide coverage against catastrophic healthcare bills. Some of the limited benefit health plans being sold in Chicago aren't a the best value because the huge benefits are inadequate in terms of the costs. Before applying for a limited benefit plan make sure you read the program outline carefully and know what is covered, and what medical expenses you are responsible for.

The ICHIP plan is run by the State of Illinois to offer health insurance for folks in Chicago that don't qualify for traditional health plans. ICHIP uses the BlueCross BlueShield of IL PPO network. The coverage is preferable to the limited benefit health plans, unfortunately the premiums are generally at the least 50% higher. For younger folks with pre-existing conditions this might the best available option. For individuals in the larger age brackets the premiums are typically excessive to be viewed affordable.

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