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Sclerosis of varicose veins is made by applying the laser. Vein Treatment In NJ aims to reduce the treatment time and eliminate smaller vessels. The laser beam has a special affinity for bluish-reddish lesions, producing minimal damage to the adjacent tissue.

The technique is indicated in vascular lesions of various types such as telangiectasias, stellate angiomas and varicose veins of any location. In any case, the Vein Treatment NJ is based on the elimination or blocking of the passage of blood through the altered vessels.


What are telangiectasias?
Telangiectasias are microvarices of very fine caliber, less than 1.5mm in diameter, reticulated and red, also known as spider veins. They are dilatations of the papillary dermal plexus, a very dense vascular network that underlies the dermis.

They have an important estrogenic component, so they suffer especially women and although they are not serious, they are very unsightly, since their superficial location, in the lower state of the dermis or in the upper part of the hypodermis, makes them very visible.

They are the mildest, but they are usually the most resistant to Spider Vein Treatment NJ than varicose veins of more caliber, especially due to the scarce amount of blood inside.
  • Discomfort in the legs that appear at the end of the afternoon, disappear after sleeping or when lifting the legs
  • Varicose Veins visible, aburtadas, tortuous Telangiectasias, spider webs.
  • Brown spots at the calf and ankle, increase in size and quantity over time
  • Edema at the level of the ankles Ulcerative vein at the level of the ankles and the calf, especially in stained areas

Causes Varicose veins are caused by important problems of the venous system: Valvular insufficiency is the main cause. The function of the veins is to bring the blood back to the heart for which they have multiple valves that ensure that the blood only flows in this direction. Vein valves can fail allowing blood to flow backwards. This disorder of the venous flow produces an overload of pressure called venous hypertension and local flow alterations that progressively dilate the veins transforming them into varices. In addition to varicose veins, valvular insufficiency can produce bothersome symptoms and skin damage that can lead to the formation of ulcers. Valvular insufficiency is an essentially genetic disorder and can occur in both women and men.

Diagnosis This disease is diagnosed mainly by its more visible physical manifestations ("signs") the varicose veins themselves, although we believe that the precise diagnosis of vascular disorders is not possible through only the physical examination, this should be accompanied by a colour duplex Doppler if the patient presents with truncal varices, pain in the lower limbs, ulcers, swelling in the legs or suspicion of thrombosis in his first consultation. It may also be necessary to perform a venous plethysmography.

Advantages of the treatment
  • It is not necessary to go through the operating room, allowing us to incorporate into our daily life, since it does not need medical losses.

  • No sick leave is necessary after NJ Vein Treatment.

  • It is perfectly compatible with other medical treatments that work at more superficial levels, such as laser hair removal, performing epilation in the first place and in later days sclerosis.

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