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the floor a la Kurt’s entrance and tells Kurt that Jeff won’t be alone at Slammiversary and (Velvet Sky sneaks out of the back behind Karen) Kurt will never, ever take her out. Velvet snatches the mic out of Karen’s hand and asks the crowd if they want to see Karen go for a ride. She shoves Karen’s wheelchair down the ramp and Jeff tries to stop her, but she comes flying out of the chair anyway and gets knocked silly while Velvet and Kurt laugh it up.

Generation Me are backstage talking about the bad things they did to each other Taurean Prince Jersey , but they’re going to put it aside to defend the X-Division, and tonight they’re going to show that bloodis thicker than water.

Eric Bischoff is getting ready for the match and the phone rings and it’s Hulk Hogan, and Bischoff is apparently happy with what he hears and tells Hogan that he’s going to lay out a couple of vanilla *****es.

The Jarretts are backstage and Jeff is on the phone with Eric Bischoff and tells Karen that Velvet will never be a problem again because she will take on Winter and Angelina Love in a handicap match tonight.

Generation Me vs Matt Hardy & Eric Bischoff

Jeremy and Matt start, and Matt gets a go behind and a cheap forearm to the back. Jeremy gets a boot to the gut and exchangex wristlocks and headlocks with Matt Ersan Ilyasova Jersey , Matt takes Jeremy down with a pair of shoulderblocks, but Jeremy gets a dropkick and tags out to Max, who comes off the top with a double axhandle to Matt’s arm. Tag out to Jeremy, who comes in with a double stomp to Matt’s arm Tracy Mcgrady Jersey , but Matt catches Jeremy with the Side Effect, then hits it a second time. Matt points to Bischoff and says he’s going to set him up nice, then gets a three quarter nelson and cranks it hard. Jeremy elbows his way out and makes a blind tag to his brother, and they hit a quick series of double teams. The Bucks continue double teaming Matt and hit him with Poetry In Motion Mike Bibby Jersey , then Jeremy spears Matt and starts drilling him with punches until Bischoff kicks him from the outside. Max tags in and trades punches with Matt, and Matt comes out on top and hits a vertical suplex for 2. Matt with a side neckbreaker and crawls over to make the tag, but Bischoff tells him to get back to fighting the Bucks. Jeremy tags in and hits a top rope splash on Matt for 2, then goes back up for a 450 but Matt gets the knees up. Jeremy quickly tags out to Max Dikembe Mutombo Jersey , who quickly gets caught in the Icepick, but Hardy lets Max out of the hold and then tags out to Bischoff and holds Max so Bischoff can hit a leaping spinkick and a knockout kick to the head. Bischoff then rolls Max over and cradles him for the win.

Winners: Matt Hardy & Eric Bischoff

Bischoff and Hardy stand with their arms raised in victory in the middle of the ring acting like they just won the World Tag Team Title.

Winter says that it’s over after tonight and once Velvet Sky is gone, they’ll be alone just like before, in a different time and place. Winter asks Angelina if she remembers Pete Maravich Jersey , then kisses Angelina (who is still zombified) and leads her out to the ring.

Okay, time to get our obligatory insane segment out of the way…

Winter & Angelina Love vs Velvet Sky

Velvet and Winter tangle briefly before Winter tags in Angelina. Velvet suckerpunches Winter off the apron and then nails Angelina, but Angelina no-sells and tags out to Winter. Winter with a go behind into a waistlock, but Velvet pops out and gets a snapmare and a diving baseball slide for 2. Winter rams Velvet into her corner and tags out to Angelina and they go for a double clothesline Spud Webb Jersey , but Velvet ducks and wipes both of them out with stereo clotheslines. Velvet with a sleeper on Angelina, but Angelina doesn’t have the required equipment to make this hold effective and easily escapes. Winter snaps Velvet down on the top rope and Angelina wipes her out with a clothesline and then rains punches down on Velvet. Winter and Angelina tag in and out on Velvet and work her over, then Winter hits a spinning uranage backbreaker. Angelina comes in and goes to pick Velvet up, but Velvet small packages her and gets the win out of nowhere.

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