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Something you need to know about Priest in TERA

Positioning: Healer

Career Declaration: I will bring a warm atmosphere and nourish people's hearts.

Professional comprehensive ability: attack ★ ★ / treatment ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ / auxiliary ★ ★ ★ ★ / difficulty ★ ★

Professional Features: The priest uses the power of magic to heal or resurrect companions on the battlefield, and can use auxiliary magic to enhance the combat effectiveness of his teammates.

Class introduction:

The priest is an adjunctive auxiliary occupation. Compared with the mysti, its DPS is still high. In addition to the auxiliary skills, in addition to return blood, resurrection, and elimination of the skills, the priest’s main character is the continuous gain state of various buff, as well as the shield that can absorb damage, is different from the blood returned by the mysti. The priest is characterized by a safer output for teammates. And if you get more Tera Gold, you can buy better Tera XBOX Items. That would help a lot.

Single player battle:

Although the priest wears the cloth with the lowest defensive performance, but because of its powerful recovery skills, it can hardly fight against the monsters, even the medium-sized elite blame can play guerrilla warfare.

Team battle:

When the team is fighting, the priest's operation is much more busy than the single player. In order to return blood to the target teammate, the priest must keep the distance within 15m, continue to apply skills to multiple target objects, and if someone in the team has toxins, flames Waiting for the debuff skills, the priest also needs to be relieved the first time. In the BOSS battle, if the priest attracts the hatred of BOSS because of the excessive blood, then you must not run back and run back to the tank, let it ridicule and pull back the hatred, in a team, treatment and tank The coordination is crucial and directly affects the success or failure of the battle. Please keep an eye on MMOAH official site and you can get the latest information of Tera game. What's more, you can Buy Tera Gold from them.

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