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In workers over age 60, problems on the task raise blood pressure in although these older workers often claim to be less upset and less sad than younger employees when work problems hit. They appear to "feel" less emotion, but their bodies reveal greater stress factors. Older workers may become more at risk of heart and cardiovascular problems should they stay static in high-pressure jobs or situations.

Emotional stress can precipitate severe left ventricular heart valve dysfunction in patients who do not apparently have coronary disease. This reversible condition, called myocardial stunning, cardiac stunning or myocardial stress, is due to severe emotional stress. Research corroborates the phenomenon that severe emotional stress and heartbreak, including the separation, loss, or death of a a family member, can release an onslaught of stress hormones that cause the heart muscle to contract and spasm, possibly leading to severe complications and even loss in life.

Photos of frozen water crystals imbued with different emotions appeared in the book, The Hidden Messages in Water by Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto. Inspired by these photos, Rebecca Marina attempted to replicate the experiment with her own blood samples photographed on slides while she caused herself to feel specific emotions.

She focused first on sadness.In this photograph, her blood cells seemed to actually accept the forming of teardrops and we

re seen moving rapidly (rather than slowly and sluggishly as we would expect) with lots of white blood cells predominant, more so than in a standard blood sample.

When she felt fear, the blood cells moved around rapidly and frantically by having an increased amount of white blood cells and then stopped moving rather abruptly, like exhausted.

Feelings of love produced slower, more placid movement and some sparkly substance in the fluid. Interestingly, when she felt love, the blood cells on the "sadness" slide that had remained on the screen started to change. Put simply, even when her blood was no further inside her body, her feelings of love actually affected the movement, shape and quality of her blood cells on the slide.

But probably the most astounding effect was when she focused on Divine Mother or spiritual love and peace.The fluid part of the blood became clear, the movement of the cells was placid, and the cells were just gliding along. The white blood cells that showed had a bright glowing center and a pulsation in that center almost just like a heartbeat! And a number of the cells actually took on a center shape. (EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique Research)

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